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    Our History

    The Jurome Real Estate Group is a 5th generation Okanagan Business Family with a rich history built upon the principles of hard work and integrity.

    From our early days settling in Peachland to our deep roots farming the orchards in the Belgo area, our family has played an important role shaping the Valley & helping people with their real estate needs for many decades.

    Whether it’s Bill Jurome’s developments in Rutland & Joe Rich or David Jurome’s pioneering of high-rise marketing, we welcome you to join us on this exciting journey and let our family’s legacy be a part of your own story in the Okanagan!

    1908 Clements Store Peachland

    1908- Arrival in Peachland:

    Jaxon Jurome’s maternal Great Great Grandparents (the Clements) move from Eastern Canada to settle in Peachland, BC opening the General Store. The building still stands today.


    1930- Arrival From Austria: Founding father of Jurome Real Estate Group, William (Bill) Jurome is born in Kelowna shortly after his family arrives from Austria. To sound more Canadian, Bill later changed his last name from Jurassovich to Jurome.

     Belgo Employees

    1932- Working the Orchards: The Jurassovich (Jurome) family settles in the Belgo District working as early orchardists for one of the founders of BC Tree Fruits Ltd.

    1940's Florimond Delcourt

    1940’s- Roots in Retail: Jaxon’s maternal Great Grandfather Florimond Delcourt is well known as the Manager of Malkins Best Wholesale Grocers on Smith Avenue in Kelowna.

    Belgo House

    1955- The Belgo Estate: Bill & Lea Jurome buy the historic “Belgo House” above the Belgo Pond which remains in the family for 50+ years.

    Bill Jurome Bridge

    1958- Building Bridges: Bill Jurome is head electrical superintendent on the original Okanagan Lake Floating Bridge.

    Bill Gets Licenced

    1965- The Start of A Legacy: Bill Jurome becomes a licensed Real Estate Agent! His early days as an orchardist serve him well quickly becoming a recognized name selling land & recreational properties.

    Glenn Delcourt

    1960’s- From 10¢ Cones To A Restaurant Empire: Meanwhile, Jaxon’s maternal Grandfather, Glenn Delcourt, gets his start selling 10 cent ice cream cones while running a Dairy Queen with his brother Darryl. Perfecting the art of customer service, the Delcourt brothers went on to own several A&W’s & restaurants during their long successful career in the Hospitality Industry. O’Del’s, Pizza Patio, Tasty Freeze & Buffalo Bills were a few other local favourites!

    Rutland Development

    1960’s- Building Lots for How Much? Bill does his first of many subdivisions selling lots on Jurome Road for $350.00 each in Rutland! A prime real estate mover for the development of Rutland’s core, Bill helped bring parks & services to the area as President of the Lions Club.

    Bill Jurome 1970's 2

    1970’s- Go Big! Expanding Operations: Bill Jurome opens up Inland Realty Estate offices in Kelowna, Summerland and Penticton & Kel City Realty Services in Kelowna.

    David Jurome

    1980- Like Father Like Son: David Jurome gets licensed working with his father Bill. David’s youth learning creative marketing as the Inland Realty Kite Flyer serve him well!

    Tamarack Park

    1980’s- Developing Joe Rich: Bill subdivides a large portion of present day Joe Rich, including Falcon Ridge Estates (48 one acre parcels) & Tamarack Park (75 twenty acre parcels ) located east of Kelowna. Both marketed by David & Bill Jurome.

    Ogopogo Islend

    1980’s- Island Adventures: After selling Rattlesnake Island to the famous Eddie Haymour in the 1970’s, Bill Jurome subdivides his remaining 61 Ha “Sundance Property” by the Island into 12 lots. Many bought up by the Provincial Government.

    Bill Farming

    1980’s- Passing the Torch: Bill and David market other projects like “Brentwood Meadows”, a 12 lot subdivision (5 to 40 acres) near Black Mountain off Highway 33. Bill plants a vineyard on his property by the Belgo Pond & returns to his farming roots in retirement.

    Dolphins & Lagoons

    1992- Pioneering High Rise Sales: David hired as Head of Marketing for Dolphins and Lagoons, Kelowna’s 1st high-rises! David travels to Hong Kong to market the exciting development!

    Macdonald Realtors

    1992- An Industry Leader: David also opens & becomes manager of Macdonald Realty Kelowna with current Macdonald Realty CEO, Lyn Hsu.

    David Macdonald Realty

    1995- A Strategic Merger: David expands the Macdonald Realty office in Kelowna by merging with Orchard City Realty & Countrywide Realty.

    White Christmas

    1990’s- The Big White Building Boom: David is involved in marketing projects at Big White Ski Resort including Snowpines Estates (50 chalets) & the White Crystal Inn (50 unit hotel/condo strata).


    2000’s- Marketing Lake Country & Mckinley: David is involved in project marketing the Lakes Phases 1 and 2 in Lake Country along with Lake View Ridge Estates in Mckinley Landing (16 x 2.5 acre lake view lots)

    2008- Focus on Clients: Since opening in 1992, Macdonald Realty grows to 60 agents. David sells his stake as owner to focus on residential sales.

    Jaxon & David

    2016- Like Grandfather like Grandson: Jaxon Jurome graduates from UBCO with a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Economics. He immediately gets licensed forming the Jurome Real Estate Group with his father, David, & wastes no time climbing the ranks as a top producer!

    Palmero Villas

    2014-2018- Palmero Project Marketing: David and Jaxon Jurome market Palmero Villas, a 23 luxury townhome project in West Kelowna.


    2021- Professionalism Meets Excellence: Jaxon Jurome becomes an Associate Broker through UBC Sauder School of Business, Real Estate Division.

    Macdonald Realty Office

    2022- Coastal Connections: Macdonald Realty Kelowna joins Macdonald Corporate forming closer connections with the Lower Mainland while rebranding as Macdonald Realty Interior.


    2023- present: Carrying their family’s principals of hard work and integrity, David Jurome & Jaxon Jurome work closely together as a top producing father-son real estate team handling all aspects of Residential Real Estate in the Central Okanagan Valley.

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