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    Kelowna North / Downtown

    Welcome to Downtown Kelowna & Kelowna North!


    Downtown Kelowna & Kelowna North encompasses the vibrant heart of the city, situated north of Highway 97 to the base of Knox Mountain and east of Gordon Drive. This dynamic neighborhood offers a central location with easy access to all the action, amenities, entertainment venues, and stunning outdoor spaces Kelowna is known for! 

    Top 3 Features:
    1. Urban Living at Water’s Edge: Downtown Kelowna is a thriving urban centre, providing residents with a vibrant and energetic lifestyle just steps away from Waterfront Parks. The neighborhood serves as a cultural hub, featuring art galleries, theaters, live music venues, and museums. The diverse range of events and festivals throughout the year contribute to a rich and exciting cultural experience in a picturesque lakeside setting unlike anywhere in Canada! 
    2. Walkability and Amenities: One of the key advantages of this area is its high walkability. Residents can enjoy the convenience of having an array of shops, restaurants, cafes, and services within close proximity. From trendy boutiques to local markets, the neighborhood offers a diverse retail scene. Additionally, abundant parks, waterfront promenades, and bike paths provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation. Have you checked out Knox Mountain?!
    3. Revitalization and Development: Downtown Kelowna is growing! One of Canada’s fastest growing cities, people across the country see the potential the Okanagan offers for investment, work opportunities & lifestyle benefits. As a result, Kelowna skyline is set for a rapid transformation. New projects such as ONE water street, Bernard Block & Water Street by the Park are creating vibrant new amenities for residents and visitors of the Downtown area. Exciting projects like the 43 storey UBCO Downtown Campus set for occupancy in 2026 & the redevelopment of the Mill site will completely transform the face of the North End. This has spurred on development of the surrounding areas with more restaurants, music venues & places to gather for everyone.


    Kelowna North/Downtown Kelowna consists of several neighborhoods, each with its own character and appeal:

    Downtown Kelowna: Located near Bernard Avenue, the downtown core is the central hub of activity. It offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces, including condominiums, offices, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The area is bustling with a lively atmosphere, particularly during festivals and events.

    Cultural District: Spanning 6 square blocks between Ethel & Water Street is Kelowna’s Cultural District home to art galleries, the museum, City Hall, theaters, the Library, Laurel Packing House, Kasugai Gardens and performance venues such as the Rotary Centre for the Arts. It showcases the city’s cultural heritage and hosts numerous events, exhibitions, and live performances every year. The Cultural District offers a unique blend of creativity, history, and artistic expression.

    Sunset Drive: Situated along the picturesque Sunset Drive, are high rises such as the Dolphins, Lagoons, Sunset Resort, Discovery Bay, 1191 Sunset, Ellis Parc, Waterscapes and ONE Waterstreet East & West. These modern condominium developments provide residents with luxurious amenities, proximity to downtown attractions, lake views and easy access to the waterfront promenade & Knox Mountain. 

    North End: The upcoming North End neighborhood consists of the former mill site & surrounding wartime homes near the base of Knox Mountain. It promises exciting opportunities for residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. With its prime location near the waterfront and downtown core, the North End will contribute to the ongoing revitalization and growth of the area.

    Surrounding Neighbourhoods: The residential areas surrounding the downtown core offer a mix of historic homes and modern infill developments. Residents enjoy the charm of tree-lined streets, with a range of housing options available including single-family homes, townhouses, fourplexes, duplexes & low rise appartments along transit supported corridors. 


    Kelowna North/Downtown Kelowna offers an abundance of amenities that cater to various interests and needs. Some notable amenities in the area include:

    City Park, Stuart Park & Waterfront Park: These lakeside parks provide green spaces, beaches, picnic areas, playgrounds, and pathways for walking and


    Prospera Place: Home to the Kelowna Rockets, a prominent entertainment venue for hosting concerts, sports and conferences.

    Cultural District: The Community Theatre & Rotary Centre for the Arts hosting various theatrical performances, concerts, and events.

    Bernard Avenue: The main downtown street lined with a diverse range of shops, restaurants, cafes, and local businesses.

    Knox Mountain: Kelowna’s iconic park offering hiking/biking trails with beautiful views of the City & Okanagan Lake

    Kelowna Yacht Club: With nearby boat launch & Kelowna Marina gas dock.

    Living in Kelowna North/Downtown Kelowna offers an exciting urban lifestyle with a rich cultural scene, convenient amenities, and ongoing development that contributes to the area’s growth and vibrancy.

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